guidelines for grant seekers

1. Grant application cycle is open by invitation only.

2. The Salah Foundation does not accept unsolicited requests.
Grants may not be made to:

a. International programs;
b. Support a start-up organization or for start-up funding;
c. Support general operating requests;
d. Arts organizations or animal welfare organizations unless such
requests have a specific educational or  humanitarian component;

e. Awareness or marketing campaigns, or a substantial component

thereof; and

f.  Fiscal sponsorship programs.

4. Receiving a grant is no guarantee of future funding. Consecutive

funding is limited to a period of two (2) years.

5. The Salah Foundation has no desire to be the largest private donor to any organization within any organization's annual accounting period.

6. Within twelve (12) months of receiving a grant, an organization must

submit a progress report.


Publicity Policy.

The Salah Foundation does not actively seek publicity for its grant making. It does, however, permit grantees to acknowledge the Foundation's financial support if they deem it useful in advancing their mission and work. 


Grantees may acknowledge the Foundation's support as appropriate in publications, announcements and media coverage of their work. In any acknowledgement, a grantee may use the name and mission statement of the Salah Foundation, as well as the nature or purpose of the grant. Unless the grant is structured as a challenge grant, Grantees are not permitted to disclose the specific dollar amount of the grant. The Foundation's logo is available upon request. 

Draft press releases, and requests for official statements must be directed to the Foundation's Executive Director.  Please send the foregoing to the grant sponsor.   

Any questions on this policy should be addressed to the Foundation's office; 2805 E. Oakland Park Blvd. #289 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306.

the salah foundation was created and funded through the generosity and lifelong success of james m. salah.